“Vasil Levski” National Military University



The papers have to be presented in MS Office Word 2003 format or newer. Additional editing is not intended.

Please use this template to prepare your paper.

Volume: up to 8 pages, size A5.

Margins: left and right 17 mm, top and bottom 16 mm.

Text of paper:

Title - Font: Times New Roman; Size: 9; Font style: Bold; Effects: All Caps; Paragraph Alignment: Centered.

Authors’ full names must be typed in the following order leaving one blank line below the title – First Name, Middle Name Initial, Last Name; Font: Times New Roman, Size: 9, Font style: Bold, Paragraph Alignment: Centered.

The addresses for contancts must be typed leaving one blank line after the names (abbreviations are not allowed), Font: Times New Roman, Size: 8; Font style: Italic, Paragraph Alignment: Centered. Military ranks and academic degrees and titles must not be written.

Abstract and keywords. The abstract should be limited to a maximum of 5 lines leaving a blank line between each of the lines - Font: Times New Roman, Size: 8, Font style: Italic, Paragraph Alignment: Justified; leave a blank line after the abstract and type the keywords - Font: Times New Roman, Size: 8, Font style: Italic; Paragraph Alignment: Justified.

Body of the paper – leave 1 blank line after the key words. Font: Times New Roman, Size: 9; Paragraph First line: 0,5 cm, Line spacing: Single, Alignment: Justified.

Figures and graphs are to be precisely prepared in Word or Power Point. The font of the numbers and the text in them must not be smaller than 8 pt.

Use Equation Editor for the Formulas, followed by parentheses enclosing references or numbers ( ).

References in the paper text should be marked with a number enclosed in square brackets [ ] corresponding to the number of the bibliographic description.

Bibliographic description of references should be formatted in accordance with MLA, APA or ISO 690 standards.

Papers should not contain classified information!